Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta

Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta

Southern Yacht Club, 105 North Roadway, New Orleans, LA, 70124
Event Dates
Saturday, April 6, 2019 | 11:00amAdd to Calendar 2019-04-06 11:00:00 2019-04-06 11:00:00 Title Description Location Regatta Mississippi / Louisiana UTC public

About this event

Thank you for your interest in the Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup event, benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).   The 2019 campaign was presented by TKTMJ, Inc., the Arnof Kearns Family Foundation, IBERIABANK, Jack Henry & Associates, and Kenneth Kuebel and Robert Diliberto.  Your support is the key to helping LLS achieve its mission of creating a world without blood cancers. For this fiscal year 2019, our campaign raised over $363,000! We would like to thank our committee for all of their hard work in making this year's event a success!

Event Chair
Dickie Provensal

Sponsorship Chair
Harold Bartholomew

Auction Chair
Grace LaGraize

Herb Anderson         Jenny Kottler
Diane Arthur          Robert Kottler
Sheri Baker          Jane Mentz
Chris Bellone          Jayme Miller
Allen Borne          Jeff Montz
Guy Brierre          Angie Provensal
Catherine Brierre          Cheryl Rodrigue
Holly Callia          Cindy Rodrigue
Colleen Coogan          Maria Roussel
Barbara Cooper          Deb Stagni
Dave Erwin          Michael Tubre
Jennifer Esler          Caroline Wade
Duff Friend          Jim Wade
Bob Hughes          Joy Wade
Kim Hunter          Kathy Weidner
Tricia King          Winn Whitner
Glenn Knoepfler     Michele Wink

Please save the date for the 2020 Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta events:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
2020 Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta Kickoff
Southern Yacht Club

Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4, 2020
2020 Porsche of New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta
Southern Yacht Club


For information, please contact Jean-Preston Lucius, Sr. Campaign Manager - Leukemia Cup Regatta, at (504) 758-3208 or jeanpreston.lucius@lls.org.


The Mississippi/Louisiana Leukemia Cup Regatta would like to thank the following 2019 sponsors:




Arnof Kearns Family Foundation




Kenneth Kuebel & Robert Diliberto

Borne Law Firm, LLC




Jeffrey & Andrea Huseman

Lewis & Debra Ropp








Meet the 2019 Honored Hero, Ayanna Singleton!















Ayanna “YaYa” Singleton is a 17- year old senior at Bay High School in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. In January of this year, Ayanna was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin T-Cell Lymphoma.  Ayanna became known as “YaYa” when she began playing soccer with her high school team, as a 7th grader.   Ayanna was in 7th grade playing varsity soccer with high school students.  As the smallest and one of the fiercest players, on the field, the fans began calling her “YaYa” and the name stuck.   In January “YaYa” was in the middle of her Junior year in high school and her soccer season when she began feeling tired, but not just tired.  She was severely fatigued.  A trip to the doctor confirmed that her lymph nodes were swollen and that, coupled with her fatigue, was certainly cause for concern.  After some preliminary tests were conducted, her mother Kristi was advised to take Ayanna to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. Without hesitation, Kristi took her there; the drive is about 75 miles one way. 

Once there, the doctors began conducting tests.  One test after another.  Waiting and wondering.  Praying and waiting.  Finally, they were given the diagnosis.  T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Not what any of us wanted to hear.  But, “YaYa” is a fighter, a champion and true to her very nature, she said, “I’m not scared of cancer.  Cancer better be scared of me!”  She’s been fighting like a winner ever since.  Always a diligent honor roll student, she continued her school work and maintained her honor roll status throughout the past semester in spite of the grueling cycle of chemotherapy.  Treatments were usually 3 times a week, every other week.  After graduation in May of 2019, Ayanna wants to pursue a degree in the medical field becoming a nurse practitioner.


For help, call 888-557-7177, or email SupportServices@LLS.org. On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!

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Top Fundraisers

Rank Name Raised
1 Bob & Jenny Kottler 57900
2 Burton Benrud 38650
3 Michael & Jamie Tubre 24550
4 Jim Wade 22725
5 David Erwin 22500
6 Guy Brierre 11530
7 Jeff Montz 7780
8 David Erwin 7400
9 Allen Borne, Jr. 5125
10 Glenn Knoepfler 4500

Top Fundraising Teams

Rank Name Raised
1 Team Zephyr 20305
2 Andrew Kuryluk 250