National Results

National Results

We salute Our Top Supporters Everywhere

In 2018, more than 10,000 sailors from around the country combined a passion for sailing, power boating and stand-up paddle with an equal passion to fight cancer, raising more than $4.3 million to help cure blood cancers. Since the start of the Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign in 1988, more than $66 million has been raised by the sailing community to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's programs.

Leukemia Cup Regatta participants were led in their efforts by world-class sailor, television commentator and author Gary Jobson, who serves as the campaign's national chairman emeritus. Gary was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2003. We salute him for helping us fight these cancers.

Our deepest thanks to all of the sailors, yacht clubs and sponsors who participated in 2018. We are so grateful for your fantastic support!

Top 2018 Fundraising Leukemia Cup Regattas

  1. San Francisco Leukemia Cup Campaign, $700,000
  2. Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago, $529,648
  3. Porsche of New Orleans, Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, $439,798
  4. Savannah Yacht Club, Savannah, $336,494
  5. Cleveland Yachting Club, Cleveland, $252,000
  6. New York Yacht Club, Newport, RI, $245,567
  7. Eastport/Annapolis Yacht Clubs, Annapolis, MD, $205,560
  8. Charleston Ocean Racing Association, Charleston, SC, $175,000
  9. Houston Yacht Club, Houston, TX $144,278
  10. Ocean City Yacht Club, Ocean City, NJ, $143,415

Top Team Fundraising Participants

  • My Girl, New York Yacht Club, Newport, RI.  Donald and Margaret Steiner, $130,010 (winner of the Bob Maher Memorial Trophy)
  • Zephyr, Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans.  Robert and Jenny Kottler, Holly Callia, David Erwin, Jennifer Esler, Richard Juge, J. Myles Reidy, Beth Trotter, $123,875
  • Compass Self Storage, Cleveland Yachting Club, Cleveland, $80,000
  • Team Jahazi, Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago.  Frank Giampoli, Lori Giampoli, Brad Polivka, Debbie Polivka, $60,814
  • Dharma/Twilight, Charleston Ocean Racing Association, Doug Robinson, Harry Allen, David Poston, David Powers; William Toby Schriber, Will Shrader, Dan Valoppi, $41,025

Top Individual Fundraising Participants

  • Tracy Howard, Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago, $134,034
  • Ted Hannig, Corinthian Yacht Club, San Francisco, $50,000
  • John McNeill, Corinthian Yacht Club, San Francisco, $46,400
  • Diane Simon, Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta, Deltaville, VA, $45,945
  • Robert Kottler, Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, $44,125

Congratulations to the following sailors who qualified to participated in the 2018 Fantasy Sail:

  • Abie McLaughlin
  • Bill McKenzie
  • Brad and Debbi Polivka
  • Brenda Cheney
  • Burton Benrud
  • Chip Schaffner
  • Chris and Bethany Shantz
  • Chris Bellone
  • Chris Kostanecki
  • Connie and Ted O'Connor
  • Daniel Dagit, Jr.
  • David Erwin
  • Diane Simon
  • Dominic Irpino
  • Donald & Margaret Steiner
  • Doug Robinson
  • Duane Yoslov
  • Elizabeth Thorndike
  • Guy Brierre
  • Hilary Sessions
  • Holly Callia
  • J Myles Reidy
  • Frank and Lori Giampoli
  • James Rapelje
  • Jeff Burch
  • Jennifer Browne
  • Jennifer Mallet
  • Jim Wade
  • John Boyle
  • John Heintz
  • John Kilroy
  • John McNeill
  • Matt Cromar
  • Michael Foster
  • Michael Tubre
  • Myrna Stein
  • Patrick Shannon
  • Ray Leubner
  • Robert Kottler
  • Ruth Emblin
  • Schley Knight
  • Ted Hannig
  • Tom Purdy
  • Tracy Howard
  • Travis Wilhite and Dr. Honore Woodside